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SKHM: All Love Living Light Energy


SKHM is the healing spiritual energy that the Egyptians used and was taught in the temples of ancient Egypt.  SKHM is channeled Living Light Energy from Source.  It is an other aspectof the One source, just like Reiki.  It was rediscovered by Patrick Zeigler while being in Egypt.

Just like Reiki SKHM connects with Source, to establish a healing in the Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual bodies. The Energy is used to heal and to stimulate the personal development to reach ones true purpose.  The aspect of unconditional love is very presentand can not be compared with any other energy.

SKHM is more of a group oriented energy and one of the great aspects is that it seems to support your development and takes you to new insights and usage of this energy.  This is probably the reason why the system is adapted and changed along the way by the people who used the energy.  SEICHIM was the original name given to the system and SEICHIM has gone through a few developments along the way since the rediscovery of the energy by Patrick Zeigler in 1980.  Now there is Isis Seichim,Seichem, Seichim, Sekhem and SKHM.

Most people use different symbols and ways to initiate a person.  SKHM is how Patrick connects and works with the energy.  This is also to put an end to the confusion of the different spellings.  Patrick doesn't work with "regular" attunements anymore, instead he uses, what he calls "flowing meditations".  Patrick supports initiations through ones own internal process, rather than energetically altering ones energetic field to bring up a premature Initiation.  It is more of a process of allowing and guiding the flow of the energy.  Through this process certain energetic blocks are found and identified once the awareness of these blocks are found spontaneous initiation may occur.

Patrick feels that it is better to let the energy itself be the teacher, that way he does not place his own limitations on it.  Even though it does have an Egyptian feel and heritage, he does not promote it as such because that in itself begins to define what the energy is.  Once it is defined it becomes very difficult to grow and expand.

There are many definitions of the word SKHM, but it alwaysmeans Power in a spiritual manner.  Might, Altar, The Natural Force,Vital Force, Vital Force Of Men, or any Spiritual Power or Psychic Force, Place of the Gods, God of the Altar or Habitat of the Gods, Place of Power.  SKHM can be a beautiful addition to Reikior whatever kind of energetic healing method.

The SKHM All-Love Workshop

The SKHM All Love class is designed for each participant to be part of an in depth experience into the process of Spiritual Initiation and Healing. Patrick Zeigler now works with the All Love SKHM energy without breaking it down into levels, as many strains of Seichim do. He doesn't teach specific symbols as a way of grading each course. The main thing is working with the connection to Source, bringing your awareness into your heart, working with the infinity pattern, until you feel your heart beaming. The All Love workshops include an Enlightenment Activitation energy transmission that initiates an ongoing process of raising consciousness in an individual. By attending an SKHM class it will begin a process of spiritual unfoldment that a person can use in everyday life to enhance their own personal growth, as well as help facilitate an accelerated path to awareness for others. No prerequisites.

Experiences of connecting via this energetic transmission include: Intense feelings of limitless joy, compassion and unconditional-love; A feeling of oneness – connected to all people/things; Lightness and release; Ecstasy and Bliss; Heart opening and expanding; Witness state; Physical vibrations throughout the body; Sensations of movement in body; Feeling like a column of light.

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All workshops are run over one (1) weekend (Saturday & Sunday), from 9am to 5.30pm.
The cost of each workshop is $450.  A deposit of $150 will secure your place.
The next Australian workshop is scheduled for:
Date:  19-20 August (TBC)
Venue:  TBC
BOOKINGS:  Light Connection Healing (03) 9503 8513 / 0402 462 111 or  email