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The Rose Vibration The Heart of Isis


The Rose Vibration ™  The Heart of Isis with Mary Shaw

THE HEART OF ISIS - An introduction to The Rose Vibration™

Presented  by MARY SHAW

International Clairvoyant and Energy Master

    • Join Mary for this TWO day journey into THE HEART OF ISIS
    • Experience your Heart Chakra opening on all levels
    • Learn about your Multi-dimensional Reality
    • Understand the statement WE LIVE IN NO TIME
    • Visit the Past, Parallel and Future and see how they interact and merge


Intensive 1:  Heart of Isis and an introduction to -

Intensive 2:  The Multi-Dimensional Rose Vibration ™

DATE:  Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd July 2006
TIME:   9.30am - 4.30 pm
COST:  $450.00 AUD
LOCATION:  Melbourne (Eastern Suburbs)
VENUE:   To be advised

BOOKINGS:  Light Connection Healing (03) 9503 8513 / 0402 462 111 or  email
or Mary (07) 5577 5290 Email: